Educational Materials

In the Heal all KA2 Erasmus + Heal All project, the joint work of the University of Debrecen, the University of Sapientia and the Marco Polo Geie Association resulted in 20 study materials and topics that provide information and a knowledge base suitable for today's times. During curriculum development, the Moodle e-learning system is the complementary element, on which education materials, presentations, and question banks are available. All educational materials have a question bank and verification questions. The work is in English and contains up-to-date pedagogical and educational methodological elements. In the Heal All project, the complexity, synergy effect and complementary principle are established, as the students are also provided with a practical place from the health tourism sector of the partners. The system can be developed and expanded. A part of the curriculum was also taught, for which we also used the E-Twinning method, which was realized in cooperation with the partners. It was a project-based education where we involved real problems and a real health tourism company. We believe that we have succeeded in complying with the principle of a modern, project-based, EU common thinking and synergy effect and in creating a well-usable health tourism education system.