Presentation of trainee work - UNIDEB

The theoretical training of students has been completed. During the complex internship at the end of the course, the student will be required to carry out a specific practical activity, deepening the practical aspects of the knowledge acquired. The student will gain practical experience of the functioning of the institutions of his/her field of specialisation, the methods of solving the tasks performed there, the tools and the possibilities of their implementation. It addresses typical practical tasks that may occur in health tourism workplaces.

During their internship at the institute, students put their theoretical knowledge into practice with the help of professionals. The aim of the internship is to practice activities that will help you prepare for the final exam and facilitate your entry into the workplace. It is also designed to enable students to practise their knowledge of tourism and develop their communication skills in the course of their daily work. Students will improve their knowledge of catering and the handling of guest complaints.They will learn about the operational tasks of catering and the organisational issues of main and additional catering. Under the supervision of the trainer, the student should have the opportunity to discover the organisational structure of the institution, its work processes and their IT support. During the placement, students will learn about the management of the institution, the processing of statistical data, quality assurance tools and the various administrative procedures. The students will be practise using the booking system, the NTAK system, telephones and IT tools within the tourism management tasks. Students will practise official correspondence and the completion of forms within the Institute.

Students must complete a compulsory institutional placement.

Full-time students are required to spend 180 hours (6 weeks) and part-time students 80 hours (2 weeks) of practical training at a placement of their choice. The placement may be completed in 2 different workplaces, with the placement time being divided equally. Students with two specialisations must choose the placement(s) related to both specialisations. In this case the placement time is not doubled.

The student may complete in one of the following workplaces or in a maximum of 2 workplaces, with equal sharing of the practical training time:

- thermal spa, 

- wellness spa, 

- cave baths, 

- hotel, 

- any establishment offering health tourism services.

The practical training document must be completed and defended in accordance with the tasks set out in the requirements for the internship. The supervisor evaluates and grades the tasks and behaviour of the student. The grade given by the supervisor will be included in the final grade. The student is obliged to compile and hand in a portfolio of the institutional placement and the tasks carried out.

Tasks to be solved by the student:

Get to know:/Student should learn

- the functioning of the institution, its main and subsidiary processes,

- the professional profile of the institution, the services it offers and its content,

- the tasks related to the reception and care of guests (processes, material and personnel conditions),

- front office duties, job descriptions of each job function,

- the procedures for recording and storing data on the reception and care of guests, the content of guest statistics,

To study: /Student should study

- how the institution is required to provide data (to whom, what, with what frequency, in what form, with particular emphasis on guest traffic),

- the IT system of the institution, the software used for guest flows,

- the information management practices used (management information systems, MIR: marketing information systems),

- the methods used to collect and process information on the target market, competitors,

- the web presence of the institution, the social marketing platforms used and their content,

- the applied measures of effectiveness of professional work.

Solve independent tasks on a topic agreed with the trainer. Write a 10-15 page practical diary based on the above points.