Study Visits

  • Best Practice Exchange - ITALY - Study visit in Italy
    Meet with Trainee Work Exchange Touristic companies
    2022. 10. 03. - 10. 07. Study trip in Italy (C4)

During the study trip, the hosts presented several levels of Italian tourism and health tourism. The levels: camping complex, small/medium hotel, international hotel. It is characterized by the operation of multi-generational family businesses, the connection of the agricultural economy with the branches of tourism (gastronomy, wellness). The main focus of the discussions was the possibilities of professional internships on site. Requirements for students: language skills (English and basic Italian), flexibility, patience.

  • Trainee Work Exchange (TWE) Portal Education
    Training of trainers
    2023. 08. 07. - 08. 11. Study trip in Hungary – (C3, TTL3)

During the study trip, the colleagues from Transylvania got to know the sights of a) Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county and b) the Zemplén highlands. Work processes carried out on the TWE portal (eTwinning, module development) were discussed - informal question-and-answer discussions during the week of the visit - Nyíregyháza – University of Debrecen, Faculty of Health Sciences, Tower I. and Webex.