Training of trainers

The participants were trained several times within the framework of the tender. Their main goal is to achieve adequate proficiency in the use of the Moodle system and the TWE portal.

  • Distance learning Systems - retraining for ICT experts and top management
    2022.01.31-02.04. MOODLE SAP I. – (C7, TTL1)

The Faculty of Health at the University of Debrecen has a working Distance-learning system on faculty-level. In the first part of this retraining the advantages and the results of the working system will be presented for decisionmakers and technical staff of the Sapientia University. Second part of the retraining will declare the advantages and disadvantages of different systems on the market available for the use in higher education. The third part will focus on the technical details of operating such a system.

  • Distance common work training of trainers - for Curriculum developing staff
    2022.02.07-02.11. MOODLE SAP II. – (C8, TTL2)

The Sapientia chose a Distance learning system for introduction - Moodle. This chosen system was used for common project work among Hungarian and Romanian personnel participating in module and study material development. So the trainers get experience of the system during the introduction and this gained experience was used while introduction for students.

  • Trainee Work Exchange (TWE) Portal Education - Training of trainers
    2023.08.07-08.11. Study trip in Hungary – (C3, TTL3)

During the study trip, the colleagues from Transylvania got to know the sights of a) Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county and b) the Zemplén highlands. Work processes carried out on the TWE portal (eTwinning, module development) were discussed - informal question-and-answer discussions during the week of the visit - Nyíregyháza – University of Debrecen, Faculty of Health Sciences, Tower I. and Webex. Detailed official themes of the study week: Current status of the application/tender Heal All; Website; Partner registration/Student registration questions; Notes/materials (presentation, question bank); Preparation of the closing event/conference; Preparation of tender closing (closing, financial closing); Dissemination and Press; Others.